About Us & Other Info
About Us & Other Info

About Us & Other Info

About the Nevada Shooting Sports & Firearms Training Network, It's History, and Other Important Info To Know!

Welcome and Thanks for Visiting NV Shoot & Train!
Be Prepared, Be Informed, Get Trained, Stay Trained, Have Fun!

We Are Your One Stop Source for EVERYTHING firearms related in Nevada! From Leagues and Competitions to Self-Defense and Other Firearms Related Training! We are pleased and excited to bring this unique community driven resource to all of Nevada (and even the surrounding areas)!

Our Goals:

  1. Help grow, locally in the State of Nevada, the Love of Shooting & Firearms, from Just for the Fun of It, to Self-Defense, to Competitive;
  2. Grow, locally in the State of Nevada, Access and Build Awareness of Programs for Skill Building and Life Saving Training for Self-Defense Purposes;
  3. Provide Easy Access to Information on Shooting Sports and Training within Nevada and the surrounding areas;
  4. Create and Maintain a Community where people with the same love can connect and share their love with others who have the same passion.

To help accomplish this, we have created this site where you can find information on just about anything related to Shooting and Firearms in Nevada.

On Our Site You Will Find:

  • An event section with Shooting and Firearms Related Events in Nevada and the Surrounding Areas;
  • A Directory of local Firearms Retailers, Firearms Instructors, Gunsmith's, Ranges and More;
  • A social community component filled with full profiles and the ability to see and share updates, videos and photos!;
  • A Discussion Forum where you and other firearm, shooting and training enthusiasts can discuss all sorts of things like local, regional and/or national events, Defensive Firearms Training and More;
  • Plus we are just getting started!


Local, Regional & National

We offer a full directory and events calendar that is at your disposal! We also offer several ways that you can make NVST For You! Getting Started Is Easy! To Learn More: GO HERE NOW!