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This is for advertising online via our website, email and social media channels… 
for our print advertising rates please ask for our full media kit (coming soon)


Get Eyes on Your Nevada, Regional or National Firearms Related Business or Event!

We offer you a clear choice in getting your business or event in front of your unique and specific target demographic! We provide you with upfront and transparent advertising rates that are not only competitive but just down right too good to pass up!

Take it a step further! If you become a Participating Network Business Member, we slash our already great rates for you! Check Out Our Options and Rates Below.

Website Advertising

In order to offer our visitors and members an unobtrusive and pleasant experience we have greatly limited the number of ads running on our site which in-turn puts more focus on your ad. Rates are per month with a 3-month commitment.


Spots Available

General Base Rate

Network Business

Top Website Banner (Static)




Side Top (static)(under login/search module)(250px by 250px)




 Side Bottom (Static)(under all modules)(250px max width)

No Limit

 $125 per 250px of height 


Featured Listing Options

Events: Includes image and name in a separate featured events module on left side of website (viewable on all pages) above general event listing modules; 2 week minimum commitment. Includes full listing with image above all other non-featured events in weekly newsletters for weeks committed to.

Directory Listings: Includes image and name in a separate featured events module on left side of website (viewable on all pages), guaranteed showing on main directory page and on your businesses perspective listing category(s) before all other general listings; 3 month minimum commitment.

Also includes inclusion in all weekly newsletters for each committed month as one of the only directory entries included in such newsletters (as of right now, no general directory entries are included in newsletters). This include listing category image and details info.

Rates are per month for Directory Listings and Per Week for Events.


Spots Available

General Base Rate

Network Business

Directory Listings

 1 per category



Event Listings

No Limit



Social Media Advertising


General Base Rate

Network Business

Dedicated Social Media Post via our Social Channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.



Includes any combination of Image(s), Name, Logo, Flyer, Links and/or Tags to your website or social media channels. Posted to All of Our Channels 1x.

Email Advertising

Our members and newsletter subscribers mean a lot to us and we know how much people despise unwanted emails in their inbox everyday but at the same time we must pay our bills. To meet in the middle, we only have one available spot per week for dedicated email blasts to our list(s) for featured listings and events and 1 per day for Armory 411 postings. Rates will vary and are subject to change based on our audience numbers. Rates are for a single blast to all members/subscribers on our list(s).


General Base Rate

Network Business

One Dedicated Email Blast to all our Members and Newsletter Subscribers (<100)





It’s no secret one of the best and most effective ways to get your business and/or products or services out in front of everyone is to sponsor one (or more) Giveaways!

This is a mutually beneficial avenue for everyone involved! By giving away something worthwhile every month we can grow our General Members and Premium Supporter base which in turn gets more and more quality eyes on you and your products and/or services!

To effectively make this as mutually beneficial as possible, we use proven program systems like Gleam which allows us to require members to visit your website, like/visit your social media channels, watch a video or much more on a single or daily basis to earn a various number entries to win the prize.

We hold giveaways monthly with each month requiring a new set of prizes and sponsor commitments.

Giveaways are hosted via a special page on our website and are optimized to showcase the participating sponsors via a static and dedicated banner spot. They are then marketed:

  • through weekly dedicated email blasts to our members
  • through our weekly Newsletter to members and general email subscribers
  • through weekly dedicated Social Media Blasts (i.e. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Etc.)
  • through weekly dedicated NVST Social Community Blasts
  • through shares by members to their friends and family

To participate as a Giveaway sponsor you can either:

  1. Provide a product or service to give away and/or
  2. Provide a monetary contribution towards a prize of our choosing

Products or services that are given away should directly or closely relate to the purpose of the Nevada Shooting Sports & Firearms Training Network. Examples would be, but are not limited to:

  • Firearms
  • Firearm Parts or Accessories
  • Registration to a class or event
  • Ammo
  • Gunsmithing or Personalization
  • Clothing or Tactical Equipment
  • Etc...

COST?: Depends on the cost on whatever it is you decide to giveaway... other than that there is no other cost associated with this avenue of advertising!


Participating Network Business? What is That?

We are excited to bring this awesome program to our great state: The NV Shoot and Train Network!

We are launching this feature that will allow us to offer premium benefits to our supporting members who help us to continue to operate while building a strong audience that you can benefit from while being able to offer reasonable, and in some cases free, advertising options to you.

By becoming a Participating Network Business, you can get any of our paid advertising options DEEPLY discounted plus you will be given the use of our 'Participating Network Business Member' Label!

To be a Participating Network Business Member all you have to do is provide a minimum discount to our supporting members on 3 different levels: Silver, Gold and a Third (and very special tier) to be announced a little later down the road after successful rollout of this phase.

For example, we would ask you provide a minimum discount of 5% on a product(s) or service(s) to Silver Members and 10% to Gold Members. This can be on anything you choose so long as you provide a discount on something every month (service, registration, products, etc.…). * Remember you are also trying to draw our members to your business and make your business stand out from the rest!

In return all your listings on our website would get the Participating label and you could receive up to 40% (minimum of 25%) off any of our advertising options!

The only other stipulation is there is a one-year commitment you must agree to… That’s it! If you sign-up before we launch the program your commitment starts from the launch date but your discounts start the moment you sign the agreement!

Print Advertising?

Super-secret squirrel stuff there… you may have read within our marketing materials something about print advertising and you might have thought we were having a Biden moment… Nope! We aren’t suffering dementia (at least we don’t think so, yet?) Anyways, More to come on this SOON! 





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