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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 18:49

LVMPD to Suspend CCW Applications Temporarily

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LVMPD has just announced new safety precautions. They are pretty much closing everything to the public for now. They did say the are working on getting the applications to be able to be submitted online electronically... ***UPDATE*** As of right now all applications that were already submitted and fingerprinted are still being processed as normal. Things are day to day. They ask to PLEASE refrain from calling as it slowing down their work on current applications. If any thing changes they will announce it. And we will post that info as well as soon as possible as well. Read More

They said they are closing the Records Bureau, Fingerprinting (needed for CCW), Area Commands, Evidence Vault and more in an preventative effort due to COVID-19. CCW Permitee's DON'T Fret However, they are currently working on implementing an online application to process Concealed Weapons Permits electronically, which is good news! That being said you will still need to come in for Fingerprinting later. As far as it sounds like right now the way it MAY work (subject to change and information could be off a little) is once the application accepted (everything correctly filled out) and payment made, an appointment will be made to be fingerprinted. They is also no time on when that may start as of now...


New Safety Precautions:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has closed the Records and Fingerprint Bureau, Evidence Vault Section, Special Investigations Section and all area command front offices to the public. The closures are a preventative measure to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
The LVMPD will continue to provide the following services:

• Online Reporting
• Telephonic Reporting
• Records Requests

The following services will be unavailable during the closure:

• Work Card Applications
• Sex Offender Registration
• Convicted Felon Registration
• Concealed Weapons Permit
• Miscellaneous Fingerprints
• Records Dissemination / Pick-up

LVMPD is working diligently to implement an online application to process Concealed Weapons Permits electronically. Please check back for further information.

If you have received a notification to pick up your property or have concerns, please call the Evidence Vault at (702) 828-3473 to speak with a representative Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time).



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