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Brian Bartolome

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The rule goes into effect on the date of publication in the Federal Register. The rule allows for a 120-day period for manufacturers, dealers, and individuals to register tax-free any existing NFA short-barreled rifles covered by the rule. Other options including removing the stabilizing brace to return the firearm to a pistol or surrendering covered short-barreled rifles to ATF. Nothing in this rule bans stabilizing braces or the use of stabilizing braces on pistols.

We Would Like to Send a BIG Welcome and Thanks to Nevada Firearms Academy & Range for Joining Our NVST Network Program as a Participating Network Business Member!

We Would Like to Send a BIG Welcome and Thanks to BigDaddy's Firearms Training for Joining Our NVST Network Program as a Participating Network Business Member!

Thursday, 20 October 2022 07:31

Green Valley Range is Hiring

Green Valley Range, a Gun Store and Range, located in Henderson is currently hiring Range Safety Officers.

Thursday, 20 October 2022 07:12

Sportsman's Warehouse Henderson is Hiring

Sportsman's Warehouse in Henderson is Currently Hiring for All Departments Including Office Manager.

Welcome to Our First Instructors Corner! Instructor Kirk Heller from Self Reliance Training in Las Vegas, NV takes a minute to answer some of our/your questions and provide some training tips and knowledge.

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 08:27

New Frontier Armory is Hiring

New Frontier Armory, a firearms retailer and manufacturer located in North Las Vegas, is currently hiring for a couple of positions.

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 07:28

Maccabee Arms is Closing

Maccabee Arms, located in Reno, announced that they will be closing.

Hey NVST Network Members! The October 2022 Network Member Only "Be Prepared, Be Equipped" Giveaway is Now Live! Thank You for being a Member! As a Thank You for Helping to Support Us, We are Giving You a chance to win a box of 9mm ammo!

The October Get Trained, Stay Trained Giveaway for Northern Nevada is Live Now! Here is your chance to enter to win some free training from this month's Sponsor, Nevada Firearms Academy & Range!

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