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Can we assume this has been fixed, since there is another version of this letter on the current website that includes all of these states?

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Yes, I would ask the following questions: What is the EXACT procedure for getting a non-firearm CCW license? Are they ever granted? Have there been...

Simply not signing it is not good enough - if the governor does nothing, then the bill automatically becomes law 10 days after adjournment (not counting Sundays). Although it is a long shot, the only way to prevernt this from being enacted into law

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AB 286 does more than ban 'ghost guns' made from kits and 80% lowers. AB 286 will make it a crime to possess ANY gun without a manufacturer applied...

I shot my first Glock match yesterday and shoot IDPA regularly/ I find this LOTS more fun than just going to the range to practice.

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