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Saturday, 09 October 2021 07:37

Armory 411 for Nevada Firearms Related Retailers

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Are you a Nevada-Based Firearms Related Retailer? Here's How to Put NVST's Armory 411 to Work for You!

Whether you sell firearms or firearms related equipment/accessories, the Armory 411 is for you! Don't rely on just on Anti-2A social media which can also be unreliable...

We monitor social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and add them to our daily Armory 411 post. If you are not seeing your social media posts that are inventory/deal/sale related, reach out to us to make sure we have you in our following.

If you want your own Armory 411 post for a specific deal/sale/inventory update you can have this done 2 ways:

  1. Join our Community here on our website and select "Firearms Industry Professional" as your profile type (Hint: you can also make a profile for your business in which you could choose to share the login with employees to manage the profile). From there, once approved, you will have access to the "Pro Tools" menu in the left column (when in desktop view). Clicking on the 'Firearm's Industry Pro Home' link will take you to an area with a "How-To" section for more information on how to post things.

    To add a posting to our Armory 411 simply select 'Add Armory 411' in the Pro Tools menu area.

  2. Send us the information and we will post it for you. Be descriptive and include photos! This posting should NOT be social media based... meaning they should not be embedded forms of your post from social media nor should they link to any social media page/post... rather they should link directly to your website if applicable. If you don't have a website then a link to your businesses listing in our business directory would be the other alternative.

Daily Armory 411 "Alerts" are posted to our social media channels (FB,Insta,Twitter,Linkedin) once a day and any updates are posted to the comments. Individual updates posted by/for a retailer will also be posted the same way but in addition to the daily alert posting. Additionally, posting MAY be posted to certain Nevada-based pro-2A groups within this social media realms.

Want to Get More From Our Armory 411 Feature?

If you post individually in our Armory 411 section then you are eligible and can opt for a dedicated e-blast to our e-news subscribers for a low nominal fee based on the amount of subscribers we have at the time of the blast. Current pricing at the time of this posting is $25 per 100 subscribers, for current rates see our rates: 


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