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Public Shooting Not Likely to Reopen on June 10th at Clark County Shooting Complex

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Clark County Shooting Complex Manager Steve Carmichael has announced that due to internal issues CCSC may not reopen to public shooting as last anticipated on June 10th. He does not say what exactly the 'internal' issues are but does make note of and references that County HR staff are not back at work... Please Read His Full Statement below:

A message from Steve Carmichael


We’re still dealing with internal issues that are hampering our ability to bring our experienced part-time staff back into the loop. As of right now, June 10 as a re-opening date for public shooting is unlikely.

On another note, I want to sincerely thank everyone that has offered to volunteer their time and services. It is truly appreciated. However, all Shooting Complex staff and volunteers are required to go through a comprehensive background check and fingerprinting, regardless of experience levels. This can take up to 6 weeks under normal circumstances. Since the onset of COVID-19, our HR Department hasn’t even had staff on board to process the required applications.

Thanks again for your patience; I’ll update here as information is received.

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