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Nevada Sheriff's and Chiefs Association Provides Information About Wearing a Mask While Carrying Firearm

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The Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association has recently released a statement regarding the confusion of carrying a firearm and the new mandatory masks in public directive put out by Governor Sisolak this week. Rumors have swirled that wearing a mask in public while carrying a firearm (open vs concealed in some cases). There is nothing in NEVADA state statues (NRS - Nevada Revised Statues) that would make it illegal at the Local/State levels. NVSCA says they are unaware of anything federally as well but do ask that the public or law enforcement agency for specific citation if any federal law is found that says otherwise. Read the Contents of the Letter Below...

Letter from the NVSCA (PDF Link of Actual Letter Attached):

Pursuant to Governor Sislak’s Emergency Directive 024: Face Coverings, issued on June 24, 2020 and effective June 26, 2020, all persons in Nevada are required to wear a face covering “Whenever you leave the house.”

There have been numerous claims made that it is against the law to wear a face covering and be in possession of a firearm, though no citation to this alleged law has been provided. A search of the Nevada Revised Statutes (specifically Chapter 202) and Nevada Administrative Code reveals no such prohibition.

The Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association would welcome the specific citation of any state or federal law which would support this claim so that we may share that information with the other law-abiding firearms owners in Nevada. Until then, this claim appears to be an unfounded rumor.


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