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A Partial Win and Loss on AB 286

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Today was the last day for any bills to be passed out of the chamber of origin. For AB 286 that was the State Assembly.


Section 2 of AB 286, the section containing language about making No Firearms signs carry the immediate weight of law, was completely removed in the most recent amendment before passing the full Assembly! It was originally amended and passed out of the House Judiciary Committee at the last minute on April 9th. That amendment limited the reach of the law to only pertain to only owners of businesses that were in possession of non-restricted gaming licenses... so basically just major casino operators and a few others. The original text of the bill was more broad and included Movie Theaters, Clubs, Shopping Malls and more.

Unfortunately Sections 3 through 5, pertaining to unfinished lower receiver's (aka 80% Lowers), was not amended and passed as originally written.

It passed exactly along party lines by a margin of 26 For to 16 Opposed.

The bill now moves over to the House Senate for committee hearings and votes. Deadlines for the House Senate are: May 14th for Committee passage and May 26th for Final Vote.

To read the latest amended bill (as passed by the Assembly) please go here and select Amendment 481: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/81st2021/Bill/7778/Amendments



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