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Wednesday, 05 October 2022 08:27

New Frontier Armory is Hiring

New Frontier Armory, a firearms retailer and manufacturer located in North Las Vegas, is currently hiring for a couple of positions.

New Frontier Armory located in North Las Vegas, NV is currently hiring for Assistant Sales Manager

The increase in warmer weather combined with the increase of new shooters and closure of managed shooting ranges due to the COVID-19 Pandemic has sent in influx of people looking to shoot out to the surrounding deserts across the state. While we enjoy the benefit of living in areas surrounded by large amounts desert, the areas open to unrestricted shooting have dwindled and keep dwindling due to growth and one often overlooked group of factors: Misinformed, Irresponsible and Careless shooters. Trash, Fires, Injuries, Destruction: All endanger our open, 'unrestricted' shooting areas...

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LVMPD recently sent out a letter to CCW Instructors reminding them that CCW classes must be held in-person and not online. We are sharing this publicly as to ensure everyone is aware that if they are to take an online CCW class that their certificate and subsequent application will be null and void. This DOES NOT pertain to other forms of training, only CCW classes that are mandated by the state for CCW Permitting. This goes for all CCW Classes within the State of Nevada. Read the Contents of the Letter Below...

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Wednesday, 01 April 2020 16:35

Nevada AG Clarifies CCW Classes Can Continue

A recent email sent to CCW instructors from LVMPD in Clark County says the Nevada Attorney General has clarified that CCW classes can continue so long as CDC Social Distancing is followed and classes are in groups of 10 or less...

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In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent Statewide Mandated Shutdown order by Governor Steve Sisolak, the Nevada Sheriff's & Chief's Association has come to the unanimous decision to extend the expiration of any CCW that expires on or after March 12th, 2020, they will remain valid until July 15th, 2020... Read the Statement Below:

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020 17:51

LVMPD Launches Online CCW Applications

*UPDATED* LVMPD has just launched their online CCW Application Portal... ***Fingerprinting is EXPECTED to POSSIBLY Resume on April 27th, 2020***

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Concerning Gun Shops and the Governor's Order: As far as Clark County/LVMPD is concerned, during a recent press breifing by Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Clark County DA Steven Wolfson Sheriff Lombardo was asked if had concern's about Gun Shops staying open...

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A recent email from the LVMPD CCW Detail was just sent out to all Clark County based CCW Instructors...

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The COVID-19 pandemic combined with the State of Nevada's Mandated non-essential business shut-down ordered by Governor Steve Sisolak has created quite the issue for both new firearms owners looking for essential training and guidance with their new purchase and the instructors from across the state that want desperately to provide them with the critical information and training they need.

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