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Nevada AB 286 just passed out of the House Judiciary Committee Today (April 9th, 2021) and is expected to make it to the Assembly floor for debate and vote next week. In short, AB 286 would make it an instant crime if you are to step into a business with a firearm (even one being carried legally by a CCW Permit holder) and the business has a No Firearms sign posted. There will be no warnings, like there is now by the current statute, where a business with a sign would be first required to ask you to leave or secure your firearm and if you didn't THEN you could be arrested. Even if you didn't truly see the sign.
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We reached out to several firearms instructors across the state to inquire if they will continue classes as scheduled or cancel until further notice due to the 2nd announcement from the Governor that all non-essential businesses mandatory close or face the "Consequences"...

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