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Giveaway Rules

Official Rules for Our Giveaways, Please Ensure You Read Them. By participating in our giveaways you hereby acknowledge you read, and agree to, our giveaway rules.

Prize winners must be legal U.S. residents, reside in Nevada, and be at least 18 years of age (21 for giveaways where a handgun is included in prize) and are either a Network Member or have submitted an entry in accordance with the published rules. Winners of firearms, suppressors or knives must not be prohibited from owning or possessing them under applicable laws.

Offer void where prohibited. No more than one (1) prize will be awarded to any one person in each of the combined giveaway (Network Members-Only "Be Prepared, Be Equipped" and "Get Trained, Stay Trained" Drawings.

Firearms and suppressors will not be shipped directly to winners, but rather to Federal Firearms Licensees (“FFLs”) specified by winners (or selected by NV Shoot & Train or at the Sponsors sole discretion). Winners can only take possession of firearms and suppressors from the FFLs. Optional suppressor included with some firearms prizes can be excluded if the winner is ineligible for any reason or prefers not to become subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act (NFA). Current wait times for NFA transfers conducted by the BATFE are nine to twelve months and could be longer. NVST is not responsible for tracking such wait times. Winner is responsible for compliance with the NFA and all state and local laws governing the possession of NFA items in the winner’s jurisdiction. Neither NVST, nor NVST Affiliates (as defined below), nor their successors or assigns, nor the supplier of the suppressor prize, are responsible for failure to complete delivery of such prize for any reason, including without limitation the prize winner’s failure to comply with any legal requirements. Declining to accept a suppressor prize, or failure to satisfy the legal requirements for a firearms or suppressor prize selected, forfeits any claim to that firearm or suppressor prize and no replacement, alternative prize, or cash equivalent will be provided. Automatic knives will not be shipped directly to winners unless a legal recipient under 15 U.S.C. §§ 1241-1245 and 18 U.S.C. § 1716(g), but rather to an authorized dealer in eligible winner’s state from which winner can claim prize.

Some prizes are subject to additional limitation(s) that is/are included in prize description and by selection of such a prize the winner automatically accepts and is bound by the stated limitation(s) and rules regarding selection and delivery as if the limitation(s) was/were included herein. Claim to prizes is not transferable with the exception that delivery of a suppressor prize can be received by a trust of which the winner is a responsible person qualified to receive an NFA item.

The odds of winning vary based on the number of donations and amounts donated. Winners will be drawn on or after the last day of the giveaway month, for the Main Drawing. The closing date of the Drawings may be extended due to exigencies resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic or other emergency declerations, natural disasters, or other emergencies as necessary. Winners drawn will have first choice of prizes available after any prior winner(s) have selected, in the order in which such winners were drawn (“Winner’s Choice”). Accordingly, the final posting of winners may take up to 180 days post drawing.

Winners must comply with all applicable legal requirements prior to taking possession of firearms, suppressors or knives. Winners are solely responsible for determination of legality. If for any reason winners cannot comply, prizes will be held for 30 days and then will be forfeited and returned to NVST. Winners of firearms are responsible for any shipping charges (example: $40 Pistol Caliber Pistols / $70 Rifle Caliber Pistols and Long Guns), transfer fees to FFLs, background check fees, and any other applicable fees and may be required to prepay such expenses by valid credit card or other method to be determined in NVST’s or Sponsors sole discretion. Winner will not incur any additional charges unless exceptions are made. Exceptions include but are not limited to: changing SOT dealers after paperwork is filed, changing registration type, facilitating a dealer outside of the “Powered By Silencer Shop” dealer network. In most cases, Silencer Shop will handle the transfer from start to user receipt and will require contact with the winner to insure registration information is valid and complete. If communication cannot be facilitated between Silencer Shop and the winner, NFA Prizes will be held for 30 days before return transfer to the manufacturer is initiated.

All prizes other than firearms will be shipped at NVST’s expense via a shipping method of NVST’s choice, signature required at NVST’s option, to the addresses provided by winners, insured. If winner declines NVST’s signature required delivery, they accept all risk for non-delivery regardless of cause. If delivery is not completed on original shipment, regardless of fault, winner is responsible for any redelivery charges. Winners are hereby warned not to sign for delivery without the package in hand and undamaged. Winners who do not respond to a delivery notice, regardless of reason, are responsible for any redelivery charges. Winners of prizes after the Winner’s Choice prizes are selected will be sent their prizes without prior notification to the address provided. It is participants responsibility to notify NVST of any change in address.

NVST is not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen or undelivered prizes, regardless of cause, and winners agree to look solely to insurance carried by NVST or included by shipper with regard to same. NVST is not responsible for reimbursement of any insurance deductible, which may be in an amount of up to $500. Risk of loss or damage is solely with winners.

NVST will attempt to notify all Winner’s Choice winners using the contact information supplied. It is participants responsibility to notify NVST of any change in contact information. Any prize not claimed by a Winner’s Choice winner within 72 hours from NVST’s first attempt to notify the winner will be forfeited and all other winners drawn will move up one place in priority. If a Winner’s Choice winner that does not respond within the 72 hours later contacts NVST, they will be offered the choice of prizes then currently available if within the Winner’s Choice draws, if any, after the current notified winner selects a prize. Otherwise, prize will be forfeit. All entries and donations are non-refundable and will become the sole property of NVST once submitted. Acceptance of a prize constitutes winners’ permission for NVST to use winner’s name and likeness for NVST promotional purposes without additional consideration.

There is no cash substitution for any prizes.

Winners Choice winners will be notified using the contact information supplied and informed how to claim prizes. Only those named as the entrant on a valid winning entry form are eligible to claim a prize, and such persons may be required to provide proof of identification acceptable to NVST in NVST’s sole discretion. NVST shall not be liable for failure of notification arising from incorrect or illegible contact information supplied, or email or voice mail induced failures, or failure of entrants to respond to communications (or failure of NVST to actually receive such responses regardless of cause) within 72 hours of NVST’s first attempt to notify the winners. NVST’s obligation is limited to making good faith efforts to notify winners. Once all winners are drawn and notified, names of winners (given name and surname initial.) will be posted at the NVST web site:

All prize winners are subject to applicable drawing procedures, restrictions, rules, directives, applicable laws and regulations, and are solely responsible for all applicable taxes, fees, assessments and charges relating to the prizes. Your participation in this fundraiser (including without limitation the act of submitting a donation and/or winning a prize) signifies and is conditioned upon your acknowledgement, agreement, covenant, representation and warranty to NVST, based on good and valuable consideration, receipt of which you acknowledge, that (i) NVST, its officers, directors, affiliates, professionals, personnel, representatives and members, together with Silencer Shop and its officers, directors, affiliates, professionals, personnel and representatives together with prize donors and their officers, directors, affiliates, professionals, personnel and representatives (collectively, “NVST Affiliates”) shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with this fundraiser, the prizes (or their acceptance, possession, use, or misuse), or anything arising out of or relating thereto; (ii) you waive and release any and all claims you may now or ever have against NVST Affiliates; and (iii) you will not make any claims against NVST affiliates and shall be estopped from so doing.

NVST makes no claim regarding the actual value of any prize and is not responsible for the accuracy of any value estimate provided by prize donors or anyone else listed as “Retail Value” and a prize may not realize the Retail Value listed if sold by winner. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price are listed for production items which may be purchasable for a lower price. NVST does not guarantee the accuracy of the prize descriptions published. Prizes are in as-is condition. NVST makes no warranty as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability or condition of the prizes. Prizes donated by individuals may have been previously used. Prize may have been exhibited and may have been cosmetically damaged as a result. Firearm prizes may have been converted to non-firing condition for exhibition and back to firing condition and Winner should have a competent gunsmith inspect firearm to ensure it is safe for use upon receipt. Any repair required is the responsibility of the Winner. Firearms prize package accessories may have been mounted for display and then dismounted from the firearm and may have been cosmetically damaged as a result. Notice is hereby given that prizes incorporating Mammoth, Mastodon, or Fossil Walrus ivory, tooth or tusk (and/or other materials that may become prohibited or regulated) are prohibited by state law from being claimed by residents of some states, including but not limited to California, Hawaii, Illinois, New York and New Jersey.

Prizes subject to change without notice. Production prizes may be substituted with prizes of equal or greater value prior to prize selection. Some prizes were not received by NVST prior to the start of the fundraiser and NVST is not responsible for the failure of any prize donor to fulfill the obligation to deliver the prize by the drawing date.











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