Be a Safe and Be Responsible. Know the 4 Basic Rules of Firearms Safety... but there is so much more than that... Every year thousands of people, from children to adults, are injured or killed due to improper use, handling, or storage of firearms. Not only does this not have to be so, it is often being used as ammunition in the fight to strip away our unalienable right. Firearms misuse and mishandling have always been one of the forerunners of the push for restrictive gun laws and until we can get every gun owner to be more cognitive of the basics of firearms safety and use it will continue to be.

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Don't Lose Your Right Due to Incompetence or Lack of Knowledge! In this area you will find laws as it relates to firearms and self-defense within Nevada. Restrictions, CCW, Open Carry, Brandishing, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, Discharging Your Firearm, Self-Defense, Etc. 

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Held yearly, our readers, followers, members and supporters nominate and vote for the best in several categories: Attorney, Retailer, Instructors, Range, Shooting Experience, Gunsmith/Customization, and Gun Club/Group. Contest is broken into two regions: North and South.

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Find training, shooting sport matches and other events across the state and in nearby neighboring states. From basic safety and fundamentals to CCW courses and more advanced training find what you need to get and stay proficient with your firearms and self-defense. Get involved in shooting sport matches for leisure, just for fun aspect of it or get ultra competitive. Find other firearm related events as well such as gun shows, fundraisers, Peaceful Pro 2A rallies and more!

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Whether it be a Nevada gun store, gun club, gunsmith, instructor, attorney, range, or a one-of-a-kind shooting experience where you shoot machine guns, blow things up, or shoot from a tank or helicopter... find all the information you need here! Read, Rate and Review Business here to help others make an informed decision!

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We are compiling a list of business throughout Nevada that DO and DO NOT support your right to carry your weapon for self-protection within their business. While we agree that businesses have every right to run their business the way they want to, we also believe that law-abiding gun owners should not be singled-out from patronizing businesses they love because they want to protect themselves, their loved ones, and sometimes others... We STRONGLY encourage law-abiding gun owners should patronize businesses that do not force them to disarm and try their best to limit patronizing businesses, where and when possible, that put them at risk by forcing them to shed the defensive tool and who may also cause legal gun carrying citizens legal trouble should that law-abiding gun owner not be aware of the businesses anti-gun policies.

As far as Firearm Friendly businesses, we will only list those that are vocally Pro-Gun and not only allow firearms in their business but actually openly welcome law-abiding firearm carrying citizens into their place of business. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS AND SUPPORTERS TO PATRONIZE THESE BUSINESSES!

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A part of our directory but broken down into just places you can shoot... From managed shooting ranges to desert shooting spots, find the right spot for you shoot your firearm(s). Remember be safe, be courteous, and clean up after yourselves no matter where you decide to get your lead therapy at... don't be "that guy".













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