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Robison Tactical

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Best of Nevada Award Winner

2022 3rd Place No. NV Firearms Instructor Group
2022 3rd Place No. NV Firearms Instructor Individual (Sandy Robison)

"Faith, Family, Firearms"


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    Detailed Business Overview

    As Americans, we believe in the Constitution of the United States and in the freedoms that are guaranteed as our founding fathers fought, bled and sacrificed to ensure that our citizens live free from tyranny.

    We believe in the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of personal protection and for the security of this republic which has remained a beacon of hope for nearly 250 years.

    We encourage all American citizens and those who reside legally in the United States to become proficient with the use of a handgun for personal protection by utilizing the following steps in training. 

    Safety – Training and safe gun handling is paramount in establishing good habits for skill development.

    Skill Development – Working at a pace which will allow the student to become more comfortable and confident with the use of a handgun allowing their marksmanship skills to develop through regular practice.

    Tactics – Utilizing safety and a developed skill set and employing those traits in a way that works harmoniously with your body alarm and how your sympathetic nervous system responds to a threat.

    Humility – From humility breeds capability (Luke 4:11). We do not encourage students to compete with one another, but rather to focus on their task at hand working at their own pace developing good habits, utilizing functions that require specific motor skill development enforcing muscle memory resulting in the student becoming the best that they can be.

    Firearms training is like being a skilled technician, so think of your training as a tool box. Technicians will have a variety of tools that gives them the ability to perform and repair within their field of expertise. In the same way, you must develop solid safe firearm handling and practical skills for personal protection. 

    There are many companies around this great land that provide a variety of tactical training. As you pursue your tactical education, you will more easily recognize the good instructors from the bad instructors. No matter how bad an instructor may be, you will always have an "ah-ha" moment or a take-away to place in your tactical training tool box.

    With all this being said, you must continually TRAIN - TRAIN - TRAIN.

    Prepare and prevent so you don't have to repair and repent.

    Products and Services Overview

    Tactical Pistol Level 1 - Active Shooter, Gun Safety/Firearms Fundamentals 101, HR218 - LEOSA Firearm Qualification, UT CWP, NV CCW, NV CCW For Church Protectors, Tactical Application of the Pistol For Church Protectors, Tactical Pistol - Level 0.5, Group Gun & Mag Cleaning,

    Robison Tactical

    Las Vegas, Nevada

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