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Rimfire Silhouette
Sunday, October 24, 2021 08:00am to 02:00pm 
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Area: Northern Nevada | Category: Northern Nevada, Shooting Sports, Metallic/Silhouette/Steel | Affiliation(s): 

Event Listing Created By: Brian Bartolome
For More Information Contact: Palomino Gun Club - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recommended Experience Level(s): Beginner (New/Prospective Gun Owners or Those with Little to No Basic Experience, Training, Knowledge)), Intermediate (Some Basic Experience, Training, Knowledge), Advanced (Extensive Experience, Training, Knowledge), Youth
 Non club members $15 | Club members $10 | Second Gun $5 | Juniors (9 to 17) $5
Firearms Needed: Any .22lr rifle
Estimated Round Count: 40 minimum
Registration Link: REGISTER or MORE INFO HERE!
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Smallbore silhouette match is especially fun because of its interactive targets. Scoring is easy. Either the target is knocked over or not. It is not a gear game.  A shooter only needs a 22 rifle and ammo in order to compete. We shoot four different size targets at four different distances while using three different shooting positions.  We have five classes for shooters of different skill levels, plus high over all, lady, and junior ribbons. Shooters may compete in both magnified and non magnified classes. New to a smallbore silhouette event? We will go out of our way to help you. Bring out your twenty-two for a fun morning match.  Location: covered smallbore range at the west side of Regional Shooting Facility located at 21555 Pyramid Way.
Match Director Doyle Andrews, doyledandrews

Safety Notice

Gate opens at 8:15 A.M.

Please do not approach or congregate at any range, unless a PVGC Range Safety Officer (RSO) for that range/match is present. If the RSO is not present, please wait outside the gate. If the gate is open when you arrive and an RSO from another match is present, please wait outside the gate for the Match Director/RSO for your match to arrive before proceeding to the range.This has become a problem/causes confusion when there are two PVGC matches held on the same day. Please do not remove firearms from your car or bring them forward until directed by the RSO or Match Director for your match.

Eye and ear protection is mandatory.

Thanks for your cooperation.

A safety and course of fire lecture will commence at 8:30 A.M.

The warm up period will commence after the safety briefing


Entry Fees;Non club members $15,Club members $10, Second Gun $5, Juniors (9 to 17) $5

Course of Fire

NRA small bore rimfire targets

10 chickens at 40 meters

10 pigs at 60 meters

10 turkeys at 77 meters

10 rams at 100 meters

10 shots for 10 targets

40 shots total

3 minutes shooting time for each five targets with a 3 minute reloading stage in between.

No alibis

Commands:  Relay to the line, Load, Fire, Cease Fire

Make the line safe and open actions and store rifles in the racks


The line is safe. You may go down range and reset targets.


A target is scored a hit when it is either knocked off the rail or knocked over laying on the rail.

No penalties for shooting your targets out of order. If the shooter scores a hit on a competitors target it is miss for that shooter and non target for the neighbor shooter. If necessary the neighbor’s target can be reset during a cease fire.


For each shot taken over the allotted 5 will cost a minus one regardless of a hit or miss.


Any shot taken after the three minutes time limit will cost a minus one regardless of a hit or miss.

Scoring will be done at the firing line. Each target will be scored after each shot. 

If one shot knocks over two or more targets it is scored as a one. If necessary targets can be reset during a cease fire.

After ceasefire and the line is safe the shooters may go down range to reset the targets.

Shooting Positions for all classes.

Chickens, seated

Pigs, standing

Turkeys, prone

Rams, standing

Shooters who are physically unable to shoot from the sitting and/or the prone position for the chickens and turkeys may shoot standing and receive a bonus of one target for the set of ten.  The maximum score for a set of ten targets is ten. This bonus is not available for Master class shooters. 

Squads will draw cards for their starting target.

Shoot offs will be Chickens standing.


Rifles chambered for 22 rimfire only.

40 rounds of ammunition required per match, plus optional rounds for sight-in period and potential shoot-offs.

No hot ammo (1200 fps +)

No suppressors

Magnified class scopes may be of any power

Red dots  with zero magnification are allowed in the non magnified class.

No slings, bipods, rests, bags, support gloves, and benches.  If in doubt please check with the match director.


While in the prone position the rifle and hands can not touch the ground.

Clothing according to NRA rules. Shooting vests are allowed.


Magnified (any power) 

Master 30-40

AAA 23-29

AA 16-22

A 10-15

B 0-9

Non magnified  (fixed sights or red dot)

Master 25-40

AAA 20-24

AA 13-19

A 6-12

B 0-5

A shooter’s first event score will determine their class assignment

When a shooter records a higher score than their present classification they will be assigned to the corresponding higher class.

At the end of the year classifications will be adjusted by the shooters average score (lowest score thrown out).


Overall Match Winner (O.M.W. ribbon plus the traveling trophy)

High Lady, pink ribbon

High Junior (9-17 years old)

Magnified and Non Magnified, each class recieves 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons.

PVGC Championship Awards, magnified, non-magnified, ladies, and junior. The aggregate of the top five scores March through November.  Must be at least three qualifying competitors in each category. 


Please keep conversations at a low volume during shooting

No profanity please


Nothing Else; No Prerequisites


Location : Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility

21555 Pyramid Way
Reno , Northern Nevada 89150
United States



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