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Thursday, 14 April 2022 12:40

Mass CCW Event in Las Vegas Causes Outrage and Sets-Off a Negative Media and Social Media Firestorm

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The event held by Vegas CCW on Sunday April 10th, 2022 at the Clark County Library's East Flamingo location, has created a firestorm across social media channels and by the mainstream media.

According to reports, Vegas CCW instructor Nephi Khaliki included a pair of slides as part of the course which are being called racist from people on all sides of the racial and political spectrum. The reports have been accompanied by portions of video of the slides and audio of the course causing the outrage.

To be fair, there are also people on all sides of the political and racial spectrum who, while not condoning it, find neither Khaliki, the event, nor the segment in question (the full segment) to be racist.

In some opinions, while the attempt to straddle the line comedically using racial stereotypes may have been in good faith, it was ill-conceived, tactless, and in bad-taste, especially in times like these where race is used to fuel further divide and as some would say in the age of "moral outrage"... Even more so at an event, during an election year, in which Pro-2A Conservative political candidates were in not only in attendance but also speaking at.

Khaliki's attempt at using comedy to imprint a simple firearm safety rule (more on that below) is being used as fuel to attack and paint firearm owners, instructors, the Conservative Political candidates in attendance, and all Conservatives in a negative light.

It should be noted that a majority (at first), but not all, of the outrage has been politically motivated and was sparked off by the Twitter account PatriotTakes, an account which aims to disenfranchise conservative politicians and conservatives as a whole.

In fact the post the account used to spark the politically-charged "moral" outrage was titled "Video: Racist segment at a mass conceal carry weapon event held by Vegas CCW and attended by Nevada Republican candidates."

Fueling more into the political and moral outrage was the first headlines that 8 News Now lead with: "RACIST POLITICAL EVENT" and "Video of Las Vegas conservative political fundraiser showing racist comments sparks outrage." 

At the heart of their outrage is two slides, one titled “Firearm Safety for Black People," which was used in the lead off into the outrage:

and the second, which was only brought to attention after others mentioned that the first aforementioned slide was only half of the entire segment, was titled "Firearms Safety for White People."


While most of the Nevada political candidates were not present for the portion of the event at the heart of the outrage, they are being called out:

According to 8 News Now, Las Vegas NAACP President, Roxann McCoy, said “It’s sad and disappointing to see candidates condoning this type of rhetoric! They are all making cursory statements now when this happened last Saturday and they said nothing until they were called on it!." She added, “How can you say you will fairly represent all people and allow racist rhetoric against others? How are you all really? The lack of acknowledgment to denounce tells the entire story.”

Take a further look into PatriotTakes Tweets and the replies to those Tweets as well as other media covering the outrage of the event and you will find a majority of them directed at the Conservative political candidates and their associated political party affiliations.

Khaliki in various responses to various social media posts says he roasts people equally and in a response to an 8 News Now request for comment only responded with "Due to time constraints at the event, I sincerely regret I was not able to poke fun at more of my friends."

During other portions of the course, not covered by the mainstream media nor the social media keyboard warriors, Khaliki, who is an Afghan-American and comes from a Muslim family, says that the only way to fight racism is with laughter, even poking a little fun at his own heritage:

In an interview by Channel 3 News on Wednesday night, Khaliki told News 3 reporter Kay Dimanche that the video only portrays one piece of the segment and there where other portions of the segment that went equally at every other group. He mentioned people even "busted on" him right back and he called it a "fun, fun, fun event."

Khaliki went on about the purpose of the segment, "it takes a very mundane subject that gets forgotten very easily but is very important and making it memorable by shocking their system and forcing them to remember an important safety rule." He also went on to say that basis of the joke was "always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction, that's the joke."

The reporter also interviewed an African-American adult named Marcus who said he attended the event and had this to say: "If that joke was directed to me as an individual, meaning how we’re having this interview right now maybe I’d take offense to it. He didn’t just point out one particular ethnic group or minority and just focus on that."

News 3 Interview: 

Various reports say after reaching out to the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District they have been told that the district will be "meeting and looking into it's rental room policy."

In response to that statement from the LVCCLD, Khaliki fired off another post, this time aimed at the LVCCLD, claiming the reason he selected the LVCCLD to host the event was to "give the Library District a fair opportunity to demonstrate how they would treat an ostensibly right-leaning event that included protected speech under the 1st Amendment."

He went on to say, "The Library District failed miserably in this "audit" by demonstrating that they do not support equality and free speech, as they are currently examining their policies to figure out how to ban certain free speech from the libraries."

He also used the post to attack LVMPD's CCW permitting program, saying that it is "is inherently racist and discriminates against minorities. As of today, LVMPD does not offer any approved CCW courses in any other language than English. Neither their website, applications, tests, or printed forms are available in a manner that reflects the diversity of the Las Vegas community. This is discriminatory and discourages minorities from exercising the rights afforded for "shall issue" concealed carry permits."

Read the Entire Post Here:

To End, Khaliki posted this via FB on Thursday April 14th, 2022:

“I am no stranger to racism. After 9/11, the life I knew as an Afghan-American changed forever. Out of nowhere I was suddenly viewed as a terrorist and people looked at me suspiciously to the point I hated flying. People choose different paths to combat racism. It is my hope that through this misunderstanding, people will realize that the conversations this country is having about systemic racism aren't working. I chose to strip racism of its power through humor and it has worked for me to cool the sting of racism I have personally experienced. As a loyal American who supports our military and law enforcement, I have many times sat and listened to veterans tell stories about killing Afghans in the very city my family is from. Without humor, I see no way to reconcile my patriotism with the way people of my race have been unfairly painted in this country. I recognize that other minorities approach the issue of racism differently and that my particular brand of coping may not be universally compatible. Regardless of that fact, I shared my method of coping with other minorities and my heart remains true to that quest. The event was a success for those who attended and their reviews reflect that fact." 



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