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Saturday, 22 May 2021 16:46

The Senate Judiciary Committee Passes SB 452 Against the Will of the People

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After a brief work session after the Joint Judiciary Committee hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill out of committee and will now head to the full Senate Floor for debate and vote. The bill received several amendments from the committee which almost brought it back almost to its original wording with regards to verbal warnings and somewhat addressed a couple of the issues which opponents were starkly opposing it for.

Even after hearing the opposition by numerous groups and citizens, including the ACLU and Police Unions (which rarely fall on the same side of an issue) which overwhelmingly outweighed the support for the bill, SB 452 passed out of committee along a party line vote of 4-3.

Before being passed, several amendments were added during the Work Session that help it pass the concerns of some of the Democrat committee members:

  • Require information relating to the establishment’s firearm policies to be provided on the establishment’s website;

  • Provide that, when a law enforcement officer arrives in response to a call from an establishment, before making an arrest the officer must identify himself or herself and provide the person an opportunity to comply with the establishment’s policy;

  • Narrow the definition of “premises” to exclude adjacent properties that are owned by the licensee;

  • Revise language regarding law enforcement officer exception to mirror that contained in statute governing firearms on school property; and

  • Require all signs provided for in the bill to contain a citation to the controlling chapter of NRS.

As far as referencing the language regarding the law enforcement exception mirroring that of the statue governing firearms on school property they are referencing NRS 202.265 Section 3(a)1 which states that NRS 202.265 does not prohibit the possession of a weapon on the property of a private or public school by a Peace Officer. That NRS does not limit it to Peace Officers who are "On-Duty", it is a blanket exclusion for any law enforcement officer regardless if they 'on the job' at the time or not.

It will now go to the Senate Floor for hearing and Vote before being forwarded and voted on by the Assembly Judiciary Committee (if it passes the Senate). Since the Assembly Judiciary was present during the Joint Meeting today it will not be reheard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, just Work Session'd (I believe) and Voted on before moving on to the House Assembly floor for hearing and vote.

It is not clear if with the newly added amendments if it will pass the Assembly who struck out a similar proposed law that was included in AB 286. While the essence of the original Section 2 of AB 286 is there adjustments have been made that could let it pass the Assembly.

You Can Watch the Work Session and Subsequent Voting on the Bill by the Committee Below or Here (starts around the 54 minute mark): 


Find and Your Your Senator Now: 

Write Your Opinion on the Bill Here: and select SB 452 from the dropdown menu and the select Oppose and Leave a Comment.


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