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Friday, 14 January 2022 06:26

Target Nation Announces Availability of Fred, the 3D Target System

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Target Nation’s FRED is an easy to deploy, 3D HollowGraphic™ humanoid target system with a torso, stand and photorealistic accessories that makes it ideal to break training scars.

Announced back in August 2021 and being showcased at Shot Show 2022, Targets Technology announced the immediate availability of the 3D Target System, FRED. This new product enables shooters of all types to utilize a single target system for a variety of training needs. Its three-dimensional torso and leg system is perfectly suited for “Center of Exposure” training--that is aiming at the exposed area of a target. FRED provides feedback on shots made at various angles and even drops when shot (reactive).

FRED simulates a 5’9” adult, complete with a hollow torso that hosts replaceable, free, recessed vital organ graphics (hence ‘HollowGraphic™’). FRED enhances realism and improves vital organ hits regardless of the target’s orientation by training shooters to aim at the target’s Center of Exposure. FRED’s built-in folds convert it into a reactive target that drops with a torso or head shot.   

FRED’s 18” wide torso fits ALL target stands, including turners and retrieval systems. Calibrated to work with UTM and SIMs, FRED’s rugged architecture assembles in 30 seconds, yet withstands over 500 rounds of 45 and dozens of 00 buckshot or slugs. FRED’s capabilities extend to become different personas with free downloads and includes the ability to stand, sit and lean.

Adding scenario-driven accessories, available as an add-on, quickly turns FRED into a friendly or an attacker. FRED’s lightweight, but tough, design enables it to be moved easily, creating new scenarios practically on the fly.

Positive Customer Impact Customers are already experiencing the benefits of FRED’s 3D design. Using a vital organ insert (VOICE) in the torso provides the shooter with the understanding of the effectiveness of each shot. "The reality is the human body is a Three-Dimensional shape, as is the FRED Target. That Makes It Very Valuable in Your Training and Tactics." Rob Pincus, Personal Defense Network, Executive Director

Founded in 2019, Targets Technology is the leader in delivering 3D cardboard targets. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to deliver affordable targets that one can take anywhere and shoot with anything.

Target Nation and FRED (KTBM) are trademarks of Targets Technology in the United States. 

 FRED’s torso is $2.99 and is 100% USA made.
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