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We work hard to get the latest in Nevada Firearms News and Event content to you every week. We scour the internet constantly to find events and news worthy of your attention so you don't have to! We LOVE doing what we do for you but it takes precious time and resources that cost $$$...

We also have some awesome ideas laid out but getting them off the ground also takes $$$.

So you are probably wondering: If I decide to support NV Shoot & Train financially what do I get in return other than the awesome content you provide?

We're Glad You Asked!

We are super excited that you are considering supporting us with your hard earned $! So we have laid out the following benefits as a BIG Thank You! We know it may not be much but we are working hard to expand the benefits for you... Of course the more we grow the bigger and better they will get!

First thing first, it's important to know that there are two levels of support right now: Basic and Premium. Both will have about the same type of benefits but in most cases the Premium level will have a slightly better benefit than what the Basic Supporter gets depending on what is being offered and who is offering it.

Okay, So What Does It Cost?

Basic Supporter
for $1.99 a month | Premium Supporter for $4.99 a month

 Alright, Enough with the Boring Sales Pitch and Other Mumbo Jumbo... Let's Get to the Benefits:
Benefits may vary slightly month to month but participating businesses have a minimum benefit to follow throughout their annual commitment term...

The BIGGEST Benefit:

Free Entries Into Monthly Supporter Only Give-Away's

We will start these give-away's when we reach 100 supporters... At 100 supporters we will start giving away 1 box of ammo every month... At 250 supporters we will give away 1 box of ammo and an accessory of some kind... at 500 we will give away a handgun and some ammo with it... at 1,000 supporters we will give away a rifle with some ammo with it... FINALLY when/if we reach 2,500 supporters we will combine everything above into ONE!

Other Benefits (Examples)


Business/Benefit Basic Supporter Premium Supporter
NVST Benefits    
 Monthly Supporter Only Give-Away's (Firearms, Ammo, Accessories, Etc.)  1 Do Nothing Entry  3 Do Nothing Entries
Example Participating Network Business Benefits    
 Business Name Example - Get 10% off of something of the businesses choosing... Example - Get 25% off of something of the businesses choosing...
 Business 2 Example - Get some 5% off of some training course Example - Get 10% off of some training course
 Business 3 Example - Free Product with Purchase of another product  Example - Better Free Product with Purchase of same product 









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